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Mask Update - effective July 1st 2021

As per the Alberta Government - mask wearing is no longer “mandatory” . 

We will be following this protocol in the Spa, but please feel free to continue wearing one or requesting your technician to wear one if this is a concern. This is a judgement free welcoming Spa and we want you to continue having the most wonderful experience. You may see our techs continuing to wear a mask during certain services but there will be some of us not wearing one. 

Updated Spa Policies and Protocol effective June 23rd, 2020

New Policies & Protocols for Trai-Sea’s Escape Spa as mandated by the Alberta Government and Health Services.

Please Note: Our protocol is subject to change as we gather new information as

government requirements are added or lifted.

The Spa looks a little different now. You’ll notice a few measures and changes

we've taken to ensure the utmost safety of our clients and staff.

We ask for everyone’s cooperation and understanding while we all navigate these new protocols.

Please read the following to ensure you have the most pleasant visit & best possible Spa experience.

• Please do not arrive more than 5-10 mins early to your appointment. Our waiting/seating area will only be able to accommodate one person at a time. When you arrive, please practice safe physical distancing and mindful of others as you enter the Spa.

• Please come alone. Do not bring friends, family, children etc to your appointment.

• Please use the Hand Sanitizer at the front entrance upon entry. Nail/Hand services will also be required to wash hands with warm soapy water before service. We have hand-sanitizer & anti-bacterial hand soap all throughout the Spa.

• Feel free to browse our retail product area physically distancing from others of course.  We have removed all product samples/testers but please ask for assistance and we’d be more than happy to help you with any of the products. 


• You are sick or have any symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat.

• You have been around anyone with Covid-19 related symptoms or had been diagnosed with Covid in the past 14 days.

• You have traveled or been around anyone who has traveled internationally in the past 14 days.

*If you show up to your appointment with Covid related symptoms, you will be asked to leave immediately and your appointment will be rescheduled.

*If you are sick or not feeling well, please call to cancel your appointment. If you are a “no-show” and haven’t called to cancel there will be a cancellation fee charged before you are booked again.

*Our Cancellation policy and other Spa Etiquette below are also still in effect*

Spa Etiquette and Policies

Cancellation Policy

Trai-Sea's Escape Spa is an appointment based business.

When you book an appointment, we reserve that time, or in some cases bring in staff especially for you.

We understand that sometimes our clients need to cancel their scheduled appointment but

please provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to change or cancel your appointment

*This includes being booked in for multiple services, coming to your appointment and then deciding you don't need or want one of the services - this time was set aside for you and is usually impossible to fill that time slot last minute with another client - we don't mind that you changed your mind, but please just give us  24 hours notice of any changes to your existing appointments.*

  • Less than 24 hours notice and No-shows will result in being charged 50% of the service price.

  • Late arrivals will result in shorter treatment times.

Please be advised if you arrive 15 minutes or more late, depending on the service, it will either be re-scheduled or the service will shortened so the technician can stay on schedule. Example: you may not receive nail art, foot massage with pedicure etc...

Thank you for understanding that this time is reserved for you and without notice of cancellation, our technicians won't be able to fill your time and need to be compensated for lost revenue.

Cell Phones

We ask that you put your cell phone on silent or vibrate when entering Trai-Sea's Escape Spa for ANY service.


As a courtesy to our other guests and for safety reasons, we respectfully request that you refrain from bring your children to the Spa during your appointment

Thank you for your understanding.

Speak Up

 If something is uncomfortable or the service isn’t going as expected, please tell the technician as it’s happening so that she can make the necessary adjustments (provide an extra pillow, use a different nail color, make the water hotter, use a gentler touch, etc.). please do not wait until the end of the service.

Here's another example: If you chose a certain gel nail color at the beginning of the service and your technician is starting to apply it and you decide you don't like it - speak up right away. We are more than thrilled to change it and have you pick another color you love. If you wait until the end of the service to speak up, it's probably too late. If you wait till the next day, it's definitely too late. That would require a whole new scheduled service and charge for a re-do.

We strive to provide the best possible service we can offer so clear communication is important with your technician so they know exactly what your exceptions are.

You are paying for your service and it is very important you leave the Spa completely satisfied with your service - if you are not, please speak up then and there so that we can accommodate your needs.

For example: When we ask you if you like your nails, shape, color etc...and if you don't like something - tell us! I promise you right now, you are not hurting our feelings and we will not take it personally!  This is how we all grow and learn as we build relationships with our clients.

We do not offer refunds for any services rendered. If for some reason, you get home and your gel polish, polish or gel nails are chipping or lifting, It is your responsibility to contact the Spa immediately  at time of issue and we will redo the service and fix any issues you may be having. You may receive a redo appointment at any time within the first week for most services.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available in any dollar amount or Spa service. If you are a recipient of a donated or prize Gift Certificate, please note that these certificates have expiry dates.  Gift Certificates can be redeemed for services or retail products. Gift Certificates are non-transferable and can not be exchanged for cash. If you've received a Gift Certificate for a particular service,

it can be exchanged for a different service or used towards the purchase of products.  Our Gift Certificates do not expire but if they were purchased for a particular service and there has been a price increase since the purchase, the recipient must pay the difference - we will honor the previous price up to 6 months. We are unable to use a Gift Certificate as payment toward a gratuity.

Gift Certificates must be presented at the time of your service. If you have forgotten or misplaced your Gift Certificate an alternative form of payment MUST be made at the time of service.  Your Gift Certificate then remains valid for a future visit. We are unable to track your Gift Certificate - not replaced or redeemable if lost or stolen.

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